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[IC Information]
Character Name: Hope Estheim
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Age: 14

Species: l’Cie (Human)

Appearance: Hope Esthiem is an average looking teenager. The only thing that stands out about his appearance is his hair color, which is silver. His feathery haircut falls a few inches above chin length, and frames his face. He had greenish grey eyes, a youthful face and a pale completion. Standing only five foot tall, Hope is hardly what you would call an imposing figure. Clothing-wise, Hope dresses rather practically, though his clothes aren’t exactly plain, either. He wears a yellow and orange short sleeved jacket over a black t-shirt, a pair of olive drab khaki capris, and a pair of lighter olive drab sneakers that look remarkably like a pair of Converse shoes with black soles and buckles. He also wears a blue-green scarf, a pair of black and white gloves and a yellow wristband over his left arm, and has a black pouch attached to his belt. Peeking out from beneath the wristband is a black tattoo of overlapping arrows, which marks Hope as a Pulse l’Cie.

Personality: At first glance, Hope is pretty average for a kid his age, if a bit on the temperamental and emotional side. Having been thrust into a war he likely didn’t really understand, Hope was understandably confused and frightened. When his mother was killed, and he was chosen to be a l’Cie, an individual hated and feared by all the people who Hope had lived with all his life, everything pretty much fell apart. He also developed a growing hatred for the man who he held responsible for the death of his mother.

This hate and need for revenge was what kept him going throughout the beginning of his journey with Lightning. He would fall into despair at times, between the pressures of being a l'Cie and the taxing physical effort of the journey. Hope idolized Lightning and wanted her approval; moreover, after the trauma of his mother's loss, he was worried that he would be abandoned again. Hope pushed himself to become stronger for Lightning, maybe even pushed himself too much, at one point completely overtaxing himself, physically and mentally, into a near collapse. Hope does mature and grow throughout his journey, though, becoming stronger both physically and emotionally, and he eventually gives up on his need for revenge after he realizes that Snow would have never killed his mother deliberately.

When not consumed by hatred, Hope is a kind, intelligent and driven young man. He does his best to cope with the situation he’s been thrown into, and does what he can to be strong and not be a burden to the party. Hope’s intelligent and well-read; in fact, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say the boy had a genius level intellect, and he is willing to give his insights on a situation. Despite his tendency to have a somewhat pessimistic nature, Hope tries to focus on what he can do, rather than worrying about what he can’t do, something he learned from traveling with Lightning. He’s generally friendly and can get along with most people. He has a subtle sense of humor, even though the current situation he’s in isn’t really good for letting him show it. And at the end of the day, he’s still just a kid, even if he has grown up quite a bit.

History: The son of Nora and Bartholomew Esthiem, a high class family from the port city of Palumpolum, Hope lived a comfortably unremarkable life for fourteen years. All this changed, however, when he went on a vacation to Bodhum with his mother. You see, the government of Cocoon had found a Pulse fal’Cie in the vicinity of the city, and decided to “Purge” the city of those tainted by it, including Hope and his mother. During the Purge, everything went to hell in a hand basket. A resistance group called NORA caused a riot to break out, and Hope watched helplessly as his mother, who had volunteered to help NORA, fell to her death.

After getting come comfort and encouragement from a girl named Vanille, Hope went to go confront Snow Villiers, the man he blamed for his mother’s death. He followed Snow and ended up inside the fal’Cie with a small group of people, all of whom were chosen by the fal’Cie, to complete a task, or Focus, for it. thereby becoming l’Cie. Hope didn’t really know how to react to the situation, but he had to do something. So when the party started going their separate ways, Hope decided to follow Lightning, believing that, if he wanted to get stronger for when he confronted Snow, this was the best way to do it.

Though the journey gets off to a decidedly rocky start, with Lightning not being at all thrilled to look after a kid. After a while, she eventually warms up to the boy, and she becomes a much needed pillar of support and friendship for him. In light of all he felt he had gained from spending time with Lightning, Hope creates “Operation Nora,” which was basically his plan for revenge on Snow for what had happened to his mother. When Lightning asks him if it’s about revenge, and Hope assures her that he realizes that it won’t bring his mother back, but a simple apology wouldn’t be enough.

On their way to Palumpolum, Lightning realizes that she had been going about this whole situation the wrong way, that just fighting shutting out your emotions was a mistake. She tells Hope to give up on “Operation Nora”. Because of that, Hope felt as though Lightning was abandoning him, but Lightning assures him that she’s not.

Hope would eventually meet up with Snow again in Palumpolum. Hope and Lightning had been found by the military, and Snow and Fang appeared just in time to rescue them. Lightning has Hope go with Snow so he would be safe. Hope finally confronts him about his mother’s death. However, before Hope was able to actually kill the man, an explosion knocked him off the ledge they were standing on and Snow saved the boy by catching him and taking the brunt of the fall. Seeing Snow put his like on the line for him, Hope came to realize that Snow could have never killed his mother on deliberately, and he finally threw away his desire for revenge and forgave Snow for what happened.

In the midst of the panic and paranoia of l’Cie being in the city, the party decided to take refuge at Hope’s house for the night, though Hope was worried about not only how his father would react to him being a l’Cie, but also about what would happen to his father if the military found out he had been sheltering l’Cie. Rather than rejecting him, Hope’s father gave him the support he needed. Unfortunately, Hope’s house is attacked and the party has to make their escape.

The party is saved by Cid Raines and taken aboard his airship.

Extra notes: N/A

Cambot post sample:

This doesn’t looks like Raines’s ship.

Third-person log sample:

Riff sample:
Is this part of the act? If so, I’m impressed, Maggie thought, fanning her suddenly hot face with an Orcaland program.

“He’s a trespasser!” one man in the crowd accused. “Put him in the slammer.” The guy’s stout body sported a T-shirt proclaiming, 'If Swimming Is So Good For Your Weight, How Do You Explain Whales?'

“Ha!” the blond god exclaimed. He stood in water up to his waist now, at least fifteen feet away. “The first person who tries to slam me will be missing an essential body part. Besides, there is no such thing as trespassing in Valhalla.” The man’s voice carried over the crowd in a strange foreign accent.

“This ain’t Vail, fella,” a cowboy-clad, gray-haired man commented in a heavy Southern drawl. “This heah’s Texas. You’re ‘bout two thousand miles off-course. Ha, ha, ha!”

“Tax-us? Many lands require scutage, but ne’er have I heard of a country that asks to be taxed.” The hunk just shook his head in confusion.


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